6' Threaded Magnesium Handle with 1-3/4" Diameter

6' Threaded Magnesium Handle with 1-3/4" Diameter
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Product Description

Threaded Magnesium Bull Float HandleThe lightest handle available! This 72" lightweight magnesium threaded bull float handle has a 1-3/4" diameter. This Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium handle is 30% lighter than aluminum. The handle material won't cause your hands to turn black from oxidation like aluminum. Molded threaded plugs in each end join multiple handles together for extended reach. This handle fits on bull floats and fresnos with the Single-Tilt Action Threaded Bracket Assembly (CC800). This handle can also be used with Kraft double tilt action float brackets with an adapter. Proudly made in the USA.

SAFETY FIRST: Metal handles should not be used near electrical wires. •30% lighter than aluminum handles •Prevents hands from turning black caused by oxidation •Molded thread plugs join multiple handles together •Combine with an adapter for use with Double-Tilt Action Brackets