6" x 3" x 1" 20 Grit Rub Brick

6" x 3" x 1" 20 Grit Rub Brick
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20 Grit Fluted Rub BrickThis fluted silicon carbide rub brick makes dressing down concrete fast and easy. The fluted brick is on a diagonal, which provides sharp edges to help with stubborn materials while carrying away the excess debris. Attached to a contoured plastic handle to minimize fatigue. Preferred by finishers for its ease of use. The 1" thick 20 grit rub brick smooths out concrete to a fine finish. A popular tool to create a smooth professional finish on block walls, wet tile, and concrete, especially excess cement from forms. The favorite tool for decorative concrete prep and applications. Proudly made in the USA. •Use to dress down,smooth, and remove form marks from concrete •Preferred by finishers for fast and easy concrete smoothing •Fluted for better coverage and to move debris out of way •Contoured plastic handle