Keson Measuring Wheel W/Handle Grip Brake & Reset

Keson Measuring Wheel W/Handle Grip Brake & Reset
Item# RRT12
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Product Description

- Brake on pistol grip — stops counting instantly. Stop adding lengths accidentally by putting the brake on exactly when you need it. - Collapsing hinge — snaps into extended lock with the fl ick of the wrist and it disconnects if you forget to press the unlock trigger. - Center-line handle design with counter on top of wheel — center of gravity aligned for perfect balance. This makes measuring easier and more accurate. The raised counter makes reading it easier. - Compact fold-down — easily reduces to 1/2 its size for storage and portability. Storage is a snap. - Flip-down kickstand (3 ft./1M size) — keeps the wheel upright when you need your hands free to perform other tasks and stays out of the way as you measure. - Gear & shaft transmission for highest measurement accuracy and strength. No belts to stretch or fail. - Handle lock — lock your handle in place when you’re not using the wheel. Our clamp protects the extension hinge from breaking.