RS7290 Ratchet Shear 1/8" - 2-3/8"

RS7290 Ratchet Shear 1/8" - 2-3/8"
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Capacity actual O.D. in 2" nom. IPS (2.4" actual O.D.) actual O.D. mm 63 Length in 13.25 mm 337 Application [1] ABS, PE, PEX, PP, PVC Thin Wall Weight lbs 2.4 kg 1.1 •Ratchet shears with hardened steel blades are ideal for cutting PVC, PE, PP, PEX, and ABS pipe. •RS7290 also cuts CPVC well because of blade thinness and finish. •RS7290 one-hand style, ratchet shears cut pipe used in gas, water, plumbing, and industrial applications. •All ratchet shears blades can be easily sharpened or replaced, enhancing performance and saving money.