Tsurumi 3/4" Residue Pump 2/3 HP - LSC1-4S-61

Tsurumi 3/4" Residue Pump 2/3 HP - LSC1-4S-61
Item# LSC1-4S-61
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Product Description

Pump designed to work in "Pitless" pump down applications. Pump discharge will attach to a standard 3/4" garden hose. Pump Capable of 1/16" pump down levels. Built in check valve to keep the pump primed.

Model - LSC1.4S

Pumps 45 gallons per minute

Up to 39.5' shut off head.

Discharge Bore (in) - 3/4"

HP - 1/2

Weight (lbs) - 31

Cable Length (ft) - 32

Height (in) - 14 3/16

Diameter (in) - 9 1/8

C.W.L (in) - 1/2

Features & Benefits - Semi-open, Ductile Iron impeller with replaceable adjustable wearplate and built in check valve allows for residual water removal down to 3/64 of an inch. - Built in thermal & amperage sensing, protector prevents motor failure due to overloading or run dry situations. - Double Inside Mechanical Seal with SIC faces provides the longest operational life. - Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces. (Patent Pending) - V-Ring Seal Protector protects mechanical seal from abrasive particles. - Top discharge, flow-thru design enables operation at low water levels for extended periods.