Tsurumi High Pressure Pump w/ Honda Engine

Tsurumi High Pressure Pump w/ Honda Engine
Item# THP-4070HA
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Product Description

Tsurumi 5.5 H.P. heavy duty, high pressure, gas engine centrifugal pump with a 1.5" discharge. Features a unique three way discharge to allow versitality and discahrging three hoses simutaneously. Maximum working pressure is 100 PSIG. Pump is available with a Honda engine.

Model - THP-4070HA

Pumps 106 gallons per minute

Up to 231' shut off head.

Fuel tank capacity .95 gal

Run time 3.3 hours

Discharge Bore (in) - (1) 1-1/2" NPT, (2) 1" coupling

Suction Bore (in) - 1-1/2" NPT

HP - 5.5

Weight (lbs) - 62